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Welcome Nexa Mortgage Associates

Finally, a Product that bridges the gap between home equity and crypto investing. 


Sign up in under a minute and start earning.

Be the first to offer your clients a loan to invest in crypto.


Space is limited, don’t delay.

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By simply sharing a unique link to

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It’s quick and easy to sign up. You & your clients will both reap the rewards.

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"When I heard about this product I was blown away.  Finally something that would give loan officers a product to help their clients access their equity to the exciting crypto markets.  Crypto adoption is moving at a faster rate than the internet did in the 90s.  I told all my loan officers to sign up immediately! "

Brian Decker

Modern Lending


“What we have all been waiting for! Finally, a product that is fast, easy, and secure that allows clients to access crypto markets using the equity in their home all from their phone. Everyone wants to take advantage of this emerging market, and this product allows clients to utilize the biggest savings account they have. With home values the highest they have ever been, now is the time to tap into that resource and invest in your future."

Justin DeJoseph

Garden State Mortgage

Questions? We have your answers

What is my responsibility as a rewards member?

Share your custom referral link with clients and partners. This is your opportunity to create customer trust and share new products that can help amplify your clients cryptocurrency investing portfolio.

Do I have to be licensed to sign up?

Our initial loan product does not require a license.​

How much will I get paid?

Choose your compensation type or receive a flat fee.

How long does it take?

You will be verified within 24 hours and receive your ambassador materials. The initial launch of the Mortgage Token App is not scheduled to launch until Q4 2022.

How does it work?

1. Register your email address with Mortgage Token

2. You will receive a personalized referral link

3. Keep an eye out for your exclusive on-boarding package.

4. You start referring!

5. Yes, it is that easy! Your responsibility ends after the referral, Mortgage Token will take it from here.

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